By Karen DeArmond Gardner─

Jesus grew up in Nazareth; he was the oldest son of Joseph and Mary with many brothers and sisters. He apprenticed under his father to learn to be a worker of wood. The town-folk watched him grow up and knew everything about him. Though Jesus was perfect, it had to be irritating to family and friends. Always doing what is right, being kind, doing his best no matter what he did. At 30 he left home to begin a new journey.

Jesus visited town after town, teaching in the temple, on the hillside, revealing himself as the long awaited Messiah. He healed the sick, blind, deaf, broken, and the shattered. No one was turned away. Jesus poured his life into all who came. He came to bring life where there was death. To turn mourning into dancing and ashes into beauty.

One day he went home. They (whoever they are) say you can never go home. In this case theywere right. Mark and Luke tell the story of Jesus’s home going which was not all he hoped it would be. On the Sabbath Jesus went to the synagogue, he stood and read from Isaiah

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

for he has anointed me to bring

Good News to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim that

captives will be released,

that the blind will see

that the oppressed will be set free,

and that the time of the Lord’s

Favor has come. 

He rolled up the scroll, handed it back to the attendant and sat down. He then made a bold statement, “The scripture you’ve just heard has been fulfilled this very day!” (Luke 4:21 NLT) The people were amazed at his teaching, wondering how he became so wise. Isn’t this Joseph’s son, you know the carpenter? We know his brothers and sisters, his mom is Mary. They saw the boy and not the man. His next words sent them into a rage, according to Luke they wanted to force him off a cliff. According to Mark Jesus could only heal a few people.

Out of their short-sightedness, without realizing it, they limited God.

God stopped speaking.

God stopped healing.

Just as they were amazed at his teaching, he was amazed at their unbelief.

A couple things struck me as I read of Jesus’ homecoming. The town folks could not see the man, only the boy. They saw a carpenter, not their Messiah thus limiting his power.

Have I kept someone in their past by not seeing who they are now? Have I limited God with my unbelief? Have I decided there was nothing he could do in my situation because I could not seehow he could fix it? Unfortunately the answer is yes. Currently I am in a situation to see someone as they are not as they were, to see God work when I see no solution.

Be amazed.


Karen DeArmond-Gardner: I found myself in my early 50′s shattered, divorced and without a job – moving to a new state to begin over again. There were times I thought the “start would stop me.” I had no clue what my purpose was and quite frankly thought I had messed up so bad that even God couldn’t put my life back together again. Within the last 6 years I started a new career, enjoyed being single, became a grandmother, reconnected with my family and at 57 I married the most amazing man ever. Because God never does anything small, He asks me to step out of my box and begin writing. Only God….if He did this for me, He will do it for you. Join us on the journey to discover Your Purpose Now.


About debdearmond

Deb: Christ follower. Writer and speaker. Optimistically mid-life, experienced - not necessarily "mature". Young enough to discover, explore, teach, serve, mentor, and old enough to know how to do it well! She serves as a writer for the online magazine Destiny in Bloom and she is Co-Founder of MyPurposeNow.org, a website dedicated to helping women over 50 find their purpose in Christ. Deb is optimistically mid-life and excited about the next stage of life and what God has for her now. Her latest print project is a book about the relationships between mot hers and the girls who marry their sons. Deb is wife to her high school sweetheart, Ron, who told her about Jesus and led her to the Lord 39 years ago. Mom to three incredible sons. Gigi to two perfect grandboys. But Jesus is her favorite, and the guys have learned to live with it.
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