By Melody Fawn Heal−

In honor of my father, who has gone to be with the Lord 10 years ago now, this is my tribute to him. I wrote and read this at his celebration service after his passing. I shared the first half of my tribute in June, the following is part two.

Richard Eugene Lawson
August 25, 1926 – January 9, 2002

Daddy, your greatest joy was the fact that all your children served the Lord and your utmost desire was that we’d share His love with others. During your later years, it was an encouragement to hear as well as precious and inspiring to observe your growing passion for sharing the gospel with an array of waitresses, neighbors and complete strangers. I recall a time when you wept tears of joy while sitting in a Polly’s Pies restaurant booth after sharing with you a chapel talk I had given at Arcadia Christian School. You were thrilled beyond measure that I had the awesome privilege to impact lives everyday for God’s kingdom as an assistant administrator at work and as a pastor’s wife.

Throughout the last weeks of your life, I recognized a precious change in your countenance, attitude, thankfulness, and conversation that I will never forget. Calling you on my cell phone each day on my way to work, hearing your gentle voice and kind words will be one of my favorite and lasting memories of you.It was our special time with one another. Daddy, I thank the Lord for the sweet closure and peace he allowed you, your children, and those closest to you experience during your last days here on earth.

The special attributes Daddy possessed, were developed due to God’s divine power and the years of dedication, prayer, encouragement, perseverance, patience, and love mom shared and bestowed upon you as a godly wife. Her investment made a difference in your life, for standing in the gap, helping us memorize scripture verses while giving us baths, preparing delicious Sunday afternoon meals, training us to sing and play assorted instruments, and most significantly teaching us how to pray.The 45 years of dedication poured into our lives is evident today as we reflect on the magnitude of what is left behind.

Daddy, I know you are smiling as you look down from heaven.Your desire was for us to have a celebration for your homecoming to express our thankfulness to God for His goodness and blessings he gave you, your wife and your family.I know if you were here to say it yourself, you would tell everyone you know and love to, “Get their lives right with God and plan on meeting you on the other side.”Daddy, you can count on me!I’ll see you in heaven.I love you with all of my heart, daddy, and have been so blessed to have had you as my father.Anticipating our reunion!

Your first born daughter,
Melody Fawn Lawson-Heal

Tears of loss, joy, memories and gratitude flooded over me as I re-read my tribute in preparation for honoring my father ten years later through this article.More than ever, I realize the value and heritage a dad’s investment of quality time, love and Godly guidance makes on his children. As we partner with our husbands in prayer and encouragement, may their role as a father provide a firm foundation impacting mightily our offspring and the generations to come.



Melody Heal: A life-long joy and passion of Melody’s has been mentoring and sharing life with women of all ages encouraging them to grasp hold of the full potential the Lord has for them. The empty nest season has provided Melody a new luxury of living out her heart’s desire working professionally as a Christian school administrator, serving as the Featured Resource Writer for My Purpose Now website along with speaking at women’s events. Her greatest delight is being married to her husband Doug while being inspired by her two married children and their devoted Christ-following soul mates who all live in Southern California. Melody has proven to be passionate about prayer walking, gardening, and helping women identify, rekindle, and achieve their God inspired dreams. Interested in having her at your next event, contact her at: mfheal@gmail.com

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