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Remembrances of vegetable gardens, pets, a giving heart, weekly chores, church attendance, summer vacations, helping those in need, the voice of my dad calling out, “Mel-dy come here,” family prayer and Bible reading still chime clearly in my memory. Reflecting on the tribute I wrote for my father’s Going Home Service, confirms my strong admonishment I posed in last month’s post to everyone whose parents are still alive. Pause and take time to write a tribute to your father and mother, showering them with words of blessings and love. What a priceless gift this would be for which they will always be grateful!

In honor of my father, who has gone to be with the Lord 10 years ago now, this is my tribute to him. I wrote and read this at his celebration service after his passing.

Richard Eugene Lawson
August 25, 1926 – January 9, 2002


As I share my love, adoration and thankfulness for you today at your eternal graduation service, I know you are in heaven smiling down on us as we celebrate your homecoming with our Lord.

Some of the most vivid and pleasant memories I remember as a child are the Saturdays we spent on the Little League field watching Jimmy, your first born, play baseball. Thanks for providing me with all those nickels to buy Charm lollipops from the snack bar trailer at every game.

I genuinely valued the yearly summer vacations you planned for our family.  Especially, the four week trip we took to the Lawson Dairy Farm in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania in our new 1969 tan Ford van. That vacation plus other numerous camping excursions developed  my love for fishing, hiking, campfires, God’s incredible nature and most importantly, quality family time.

As I reflect back on my childhood, it’s become apparent that the activities you involved me in, instilled character qualities of hard work, perfection, organization, and the importance of completing a task.  One such event was the family project of painting the trim and outside walls of our Flore Street home. You taught me to be conservative, not wasteful, and to value quality because it would endure.  Thank you for believing in me and constantly reminding me that “When there’s a will, there’s a way.”  You always exemplified the never give up kind of attitude.

Daddy, the most priceless gift you left me was the gift of a rich and solid spiritual love for God and His word.  Thank you for fulfilling your role as the head of your home by diligently bringing us together as a whole family every Saturday morning to read the Bible and pray.  The central importance of God in my life was learned as we faithfully attended church at Central Assembly of God each Sunday and Wednesday, as well as, special revival services and summer Vacation Bible Schools. What a legacy of faithfulness to the Lord you left behind for your children and grandchildren!

Daddy, your greatest joy was the fact that all your children served the Lord and your greatest desire was that we’d share His love with others…

In my July post, the remaining portion of,  A Tribute to My Daddy. May this month in which we celebrate fathers be one of peace, forgiveness, joy and healing as we strive to be women who follow after our Heavenly father’s own heart.



Melody Heal: Melody has a desire for women to identify or rekindle their God inspired aspirations and dreams, as well as, making them become a reality. She has been married tO Doug, the love of her life, for 33 years, and they’ve been blessed with two incredible children, Heather and Blake, each married to their Christ-following soul mates.

For 21 years, Melody has had the privilege of impacting lives professionally as an educator serving as a teacher, curriculum director, and currently as the Dean of Academics at Bethany Christian School.


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