He Thinks I’m Beautiful

by Karen DeArmond-Gardner

I have a secret. But it’s one I will gladly share: I am attractive to God.

Attractive to God? He sees me at my worst. He sees all my mistakes and bad choices. He knows the thoughts I keep in my head that no one hears. How many times have I let Him down and said things when I shouldn’t?

The enemy would like me to believe God sees me as inferior and broken, which is so far from the truth. Yet as a woman, I allow all of this to keep me from His Presence because I feel as though I’ve failed yet again.

According to Bob Sorge in Secrets of the Secret Place, “Nothing is deadlier to the secret place than a false idea of how God views you; and nothing is more powerfully energizing than when your mind is renewed in the word of God and you come to understand how He looks on you. You gain ownership of the fact that God is smiling on you, that He is desiring your company, and that He longs to be intimate with you, then the truth of that reality starts to touch your emotional chemistry and you actually begin to feel attractive to God!”

You might need to go back and read that again. One more time. Let it soak in. Are you feeling it yet? Not quite? As women we tend to focus on our flaws no matter what our age and at 50+ the flaws are more evident and harder to ignore. It does not matter because “My royal husband delights in my beauty” Psalm 45:11. Still not sure? Go back and read Psalm 45, this is a love song about the King and the Queen – which would be you. I love the description of the King; He is mighty, glorious and majestic! He thinks you and I are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, drop dead gorgeous, and no flaws.

Is He wearing rose colored glasses, do they need to be cleaned? No. He sees us through eyes of love. “…Love covers a multitude of sins” I Peter 4:8. Because of this glorious love, I – you too – can walk into the Presence of God anytime.

Ladies, it is time we begin walking in ‘nobility’ and act like the Queen He created us to be. Those of you who are 50+ may remember the show ‘Queen for a Day’? He created us to be ‘Queen for Eternity’.

Join me, along with Queen Esther, walk boldly before the King as you were made Queen for such a time as this. Today more than ever we need to rise up as women of God and not let the enemy accuse us any longer. He will continue to throw us under the bus if we let him. What is it He is calling you to do? What are you waiting for?

If you need further encouragement read Lisa Bevere’s book “Lioness Arising”. Hear us roar!!


Karen DeArmond-Gardner: I found myself in my early 50′s shattered, divorced and without a job – moving to a new state to begin over again. There were times I thought the “start would stop me.” I had no clue what my purpose was and quite frankly thought I had messed up so bad that even God couldn’t put my life back together again. Within the last 6 years I started a new career, enjoyed being single, became a grandmother, reconnected with my family and at 57 I married the most amazing man ever. Because God never does anything small, He asks me to step out of my box and begin writing. Only God….if He did this for me, He will do it for you. Join us on the journey to discover Your Purpose Now.


About debdearmond

Deb: Christ follower. Writer and speaker. Optimistically mid-life, experienced - not necessarily "mature". Young enough to discover, explore, teach, serve, mentor, and old enough to know how to do it well! She serves as a writer for the online magazine Destiny in Bloom and she is Co-Founder of MyPurposeNow.org, a website dedicated to helping women over 50 find their purpose in Christ. Deb is optimistically mid-life and excited about the next stage of life and what God has for her now. Her latest print project is a book about the relationships between mot hers and the girls who marry their sons. Deb is wife to her high school sweetheart, Ron, who told her about Jesus and led her to the Lord 39 years ago. Mom to three incredible sons. Gigi to two perfect grandboys. But Jesus is her favorite, and the guys have learned to live with it.
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